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1st edition, Arktos Media (2017)
Soft cover
14cm x 21.5cm, 160 pages

A Handbook for Right-Wing Youth consists of essays selected from throughout Evola's lifetime, but most especially from the post-war era, when youth across the Western world had thrown their societies into chaos with protests, civil unrest, and by defying conventional mores. According to Evola, the problem was not with the youth themselves, given that he viewed the inquisitive and seeking mentality associated with the young as essential toward opening oneself to the wisdom of tradition. Rather, it is the fact that post-war Western civilization itself had come to venerate youthfulness over maturity, thus leaving the young without any guidance or authority.

As such, while this is a book aimed at the young, it is not exclusively for them. This book was assembled out of Evola's writings by the Hungarian traditionalists and includes a foreword by Gábor Vona, chairman of Hungary's political party Jobbik.