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1st edition, Independent publishing (2019)
Soft cover
15cm x 22.5cm, 45 pages

The blood that flows through your veins, the rising and falling of our sun, the needs of the flesh to reach for the other, the birth of a child after nine dark months of war and vulnerability, are all glimpses of the eternal. Existence is cyclical, it rises, shines with all its brightness, it moves and asserts itself and makes its mark. But like the waves of the ocean shore, after its climactic rise and show of strength, it must inevitably decline and fall back whence it came. In this book we will go through four phases that encompass the cyclical nature of all things: the external phase, the declining phase, the internal phase & the reintegration phase, (as I have named them) and their correspondence with everything in existence. The four cardinal points, the stages of life, the stages of each day, the stages of the year, when we sleep, when we wake, the child in the mother's womb, and even the times of struggle when we find ourselves in dark nights of the soul are all subject to this cycle. They are microcosms and macrocosms of the same timeless turning wheel. We will dive into the symbols of the cross and the swastika as bridges to better understand this constant cyclical "turning", as well as western traditions such as Halloween, Christmas, Midsummer, and other concepts such as the womb and what it represents, the dead, identity, memory, the notion of the tribe, reincarnation, and much more to try and tie it all together. Let us dive deep into the root of the root. Join me on this journey into the depths of each phase. Follow me into the darkened depths of the mind.